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Arlington Toilet Repair

14+ Years of Outstanding Toilet Services in Northern Virginia

Complimentary Plumbing Evaluation Secure peace of mind over your home's plumbing system with our special offer: a complimentary plumbing evaluation. This free service, offered during regular business hours, is designed to help you identify areas of concern within your home's plumbing system that may escalate if left unnoticed. Take advantage of this risk-free opportunity to protect the health of your home and experience our top-rated plumbing service first-hand.
Dependable toilets are essential for any home or business. When you have a problem with yours or want to upgrade to a new model, the plumbers at HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited offer the best quality products and services in the Arlington area. We can help with clogs, repairs, and installation of new toilets in Northern Virginia. Get in touch with us at (571) 360-4520 for expert toilet repair in Arlington and throughout Northern Virginia.

Superior Service for Toilet Problems

Toilet problems are stressful, unsanitary, and unhealthy. When you have an issue with a toilet, our experienced certified technicians get right to work finding the right solution. Clogs are a common problem. Whether they are caused by non-flushable objects, buildup, or another cause, our technicians will find the problem and get your toilet working again.

You may need toilet repair if:

  • Has cracks or other damage – If there are any visible chips or cracks in your toilet, particularly around the base, then make sure to call in our toilet repair professionals.
  • Leaks around the base – A leak around the base usually mean the toilet isn’t mounted correctly. But also, be wary of leaks around the tank of your unit as well because those could get worse as time goes on.
  • Runs all the time – If your toilet won’t stop running, first check the tank and make sure the flapper’s seal is sealed correctly. It could be that the chain is unhooked or obstructing the flapper’s seal which would keep your toilet flushing consistently.
  • Backs up – Since there are a few different reasons your toilet could be backing up, first try your plunger. If your plunger isn’t getting the job done like it usually is, then call in our Arlington toilet repair professionals to bring your toilet back to working order.
  • Phantom flushing – If the parts of your toilet that regulate flushing get worn out then you could experience some random flushing at irregular intervals.
We start by inspecting your toilet to find what is keeping it from working as it should. Our technicians will replace the damaged components to get it working like new. If there is damage or cracks that can’t be fixed, we may recommend replacement. Our technicians will take the time to clearly explain the problem and provide an honest estimate for repair or replacement of toilets in Northern Virginia.

Quality, Energy-Efficient Toilets

There are several benefits to upgrading your toilet, especially if your existing one is very old. Low-flow toilets use significantly less water to operate, which is good for the environment and can lower your water bills. We can explain the available options, so you can choose the right new toilet for your home and know that it will be properly installed by our skilled plumbers. Please call (571) 360-4520 to schedule Arlington toilet repair or installation service.

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