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Indoor Air Quality Services in Northern Virginia

Comprehensive Indoor Air Quality Solutions in Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax & the Surrounding Areas

Did you know that the outdoor air quality is often much better than inside your home? Chemicals from cleaners and personal care products, damp carpets, and some types of pressed wood can leach pollutants into the air inside your home. Inadequate ventilation and dirty ducts can also compound the problem. By installing an indoor air cleaner, you’re saving your family from a variety of dangers—increased asthma symptoms, lung infections, and reduced overall health among them. At HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited, our Northern Virginia indoor air quality specialists can help you gain safer, healthier air in your home. For more information, contact us by calling (703) 337-4892 today. We assist customers throughout Northern Virginia maintain safer air quality in their homes.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions in Northern VA


What Is UV Air Treatment & Does It Work?

Some models of indoor air quality products use UV (ultraviolet) light to purify your air. The whole-home system is designed to destroy viruses, germs, bacteria, mold, chemicals, odors, allergens, and other contaminants. Installation is simple because it mounts directly inside your duct work. As it works, it shines a UV light within your ducts at a wavelength which eliminates bio-contaminants. This type of air purification is extremely successful. Researchers at Duke University Medical Center used ultraviolet radiation (UV-C) to nearly eliminate drug-resistant bacteria in 50 hospital rooms, reducing the number of bacteria by more than 97%.

Safer Indoor Air Quality

Did you know the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ranked indoor pollution among the top five environmental dangers? You may not realize it, but the air inside your home is continually recycled through your vents and ductwork. Many people keep their windows tightly sealed while they run their air conditioners or heating units. This can make the air inside your house four to five times more polluted than the air outside, as well as increase humidity, stuffiness, staleness, and dryness. Mold, radon, carbon monoxide, household chemicals, and combustion pollutants are all found throughout your house, but you can take steps to reclaim your home from dirty air. Sources of pollutants include:
  • Oil
  • Gas
  • Kerosene
  • Coal
  • Wood
  • Tobacco products
  • Building materials
  • Insulation
  • Wet or damp carpet
  • Cabinetry and furniture made from certain pressed wood products
  • Cleaning products
  • Beauty products
  • Outdoor pollutants finding their way inside your home
Fortunately, our Northern Virginia indoor air quality specialists have a series of solutions for ridding your home’s air of pollutants. In addition to installing air cleansing products, other ways to control pollutants in your home include:
  • Testing for radon and fixing any problems
  • Reducing asthma triggers such as mold and dust mites
  • Prohibiting people from smoking indoors
  • Keeping all areas clean and dry
  • Eliminating excess water or moisture
  • Ventilating when using products that can release pollutants into the air and ensuring that stored products are closed tightly after use
  • Inspecting fuel-burning appliances for leaks and making repairs when necessary
  • Installing a carbon monoxide alarm
  • Changing the filters in your HVAC system often
What are you waiting for? Get indoor air quality solutions from HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited. Contact us today to breathe easier tomorrow.

Our Indoor Air Quality Services

The team of air quality experts at HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited have several IAQ solutions for your Northern VA area home, including: Ready to get started with your indoor air quality solutions? Give our friendly professionals a call at (703) 337-4892 or schedule your air quality assessment online.

Choose HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited for Top-Rated Indoor Air Quality Solutions in Northern VA

With more than 12 years providing homeowners throughout Northern Virginia with fast, affordable, and reliable indoor air quality services, we’re ready to get your home back to the healthy haven it should be. Our air quality experts will test your air for pollutants and recommend the best measures you can take to maintain clean air circulation. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to our customers, and our technicians are factory-trained and certified in all the most innovative industry solutions. Stop worrying about the quality of air in your home and take steps to ensure you’re breathing the purest air possible. Contact HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited online or give us a call today at (703) 337-4892 to get started!

Frequently Asked Questions About Indoor Air Quality

When it comes to providing homeowners throughout Northern VA with comprehensive air quality solution, we receive a lot of the same questions from customers. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the most common questions we receive regarding indoor air quality and our services.

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