Sump Pump Repair

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What Is a Sump Pump?

In case you’re unfamiliar, we can give you a little rundown. After learning a bit more about sump pumps, you might want to look into installation for your home!

Sump pump is a term for a submersible pump, and it operates pretty much how you would expect. These pumps are used to remove or redistribute standing water in critical areas of the home.

In a permanent installation, a sump pump is usually placed in a sump pit installed at the lowest part of your home (usually an area in the basement). The pump will monitor and redirect ground water, moving it safely away from your home to a nearby city drain system. This helps preserve your foundation, deterring water damage and wear.

Signs You Need Sump Pump Repair

A sump pump is a fairly simple machine. They’re built to be solid, but the wear of time will eventually catch up with it. Keep an eye out for these signs:

  • Odd sounds during operation. Most commonly, you will hear odd, whining or a “whirr” from your pump as components age and begin to wear down. Once you begin hearing these, it’s time to look into sump pump repair before the components wear out entirely! Broken, worn out components pose a very real risk to your pump, and may do further damage if left alone.
  • Clogging. Though many pumps filter the water they move, clogs are not entirely uncommon. You’ll usually note a clog by loud, odd sounds, or by water backing up in your sump pit (or in the case of a standalone pump, it may simply refuse to move water).
  • Flooding. Barring a major flooding catastrophe (which we can assist with as well!), your pump should be able to handle most forms of water. If you find standing water in your basement, you definitely need sump pump repair!
  • Rapid (short) cycling. If your pump is kicking on and off very frequently, even in torrential weather, there’s likely an issue with the sensor  components. This can be an easy fix, in the hands of trained plumbing professionals.
  • Failure to operate. This one is pretty obvious, but if your pump simply refuses to operate, it’s long past time to call in a pro.

Emergency Sump Sump Repair

If your pump goes down, large-scale flooding in your basement could become a considerable issue within hours! There’s no such thing as a convenient time for sump pump repair, but our emergency repair services are available any time, any day to ensure you get the service and care you need, when you need it most!

Sump Pump Repair in Northern Virginia with HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited

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