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Sink Repairs

Sink problems tend to be rather diverse. Your issue could be entirely cosmetic; chipping or cracks in the fixture. Or your problem could be one with function; poor flow, drainage, or even a leak! But all sink problems share one common issue. You need to have the problem repaired or replaced by a dependable, skilled certified plumbing specialist!

At HVAC Unlimited, we’ve been offering top quality sink repairs to our Northern Virginia patrons for years. We pride ourselves on trustworthy service that will always get the job done, done right, and done right the first time! When you need plumbing repair for your home or business, count on the team at HVAC Unlimited to bring you the dependability and quality you deserve.

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Signs You Need Sink Repairs

Sink problems can range from the simple, to the much more complex. Because of this, it can be hard to tell if you need the issue repaired, or totally replaced! Luckily, when repairs are in order your sink will exhibit some pretty simple signs to recognize:

  • Clogs or poor flow from the sink drain. No matter where your sink is located, it sees some serious use. Whether through soap scum accumulation, small bits of detritus, or other common items placed in the sink, a clog is a very likely eventual outcome. Every homeowner has dealt with it a time or two, and know that the issue can be maddening. Professional sink repair is your best, the fastest, and the most accurate option to get your clogs under control.
  • Faucet malfunction. Faucets can encounter plenty of problems all their own, and in these cases a faucet repair is your best bet. But some problems your faucet can encounter involve the sink itself, whether it be a poor fit or damage to the sink that impacts the function of your faucet.
  • Knocking in pipes under the sink. The pipes directly tied to your sink are in use on a more regular basis than any of the ones that make up your sewer line. Because of this, they are more prone to clogs and damage than any others in the structure. If you hear knocking, there is a good chance of a clog or air flow issue in your pipes, which needs immediate professional repair!
  • Scratching or cracks in sink basin. Damage to the basin itself can create unsightly dirt magnets that can turn even the most gorgeous sink into a visual nightmare. In many cases a replacement and installation will be your best bet, but under some circumstances and if the problem is small enough, you might pursue sink repairs instead.

Trustworthy, Professional Sink Repairs in Northern Virginia

Our plumbing experts have handled countless sink and plumbing repairs over the years. We carry all of the skill, experience, and quality products and tools needed to ensure your repair needs are met perfectly and quickly! To learn more about our repair services, or to set a date for your repairs, contact HVAC Unlimited today!

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