Sewer Line Cleaning

When you think about your home plumbing, what comes to mind? Faucets, toilets, and your shower most likely. But as much activity as there is on the topside, just as much attention should be paid to what’s below! The sewer lines of your home are integral to a healthy plumbing system, ridding your home of used water and junk by the gallons every single day. That’s a lot of work for one little system, and it should be maintained regularly to remain dependable.

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Why Do I Need Sewer Line Cleaning?

Part of why the health and condition of your sewer lines is so important is because they are (ordinarily) entirely unseen. As a homeowner, you never really know what’s going on down there. Often until it’s entirely too late! Your sewer system handles tons of water and waste. In fact, the average family of four can use upwards of 3-500 gallons in a single day. And unless that’s all going on your lawn, it ends up running through your sewer line.

This means that clogs, buildup, and line damage are a very real possibility, and one that can cost you quite a chunk of change. Routine sewer line cleaning addresses the issue in a preemptive manner, avoiding potential risks by eliminating clogs and mess far before they have a chance to do any harm to your home.

Signs You need Sewer Line Cleaning

For the best results, sewer line cleaning should be done on a routine basis. For a more specific answer of how often “routine” is, we need to know the number of occupants in a home, and have a general idea of your usage (do you use a disposal, average gallons/mo, etc). For the best answer, speak with the experts!

But beyond the routine, there are times where a sewer line cleaning is definitely in order, including:

  • Clogs. Drains, toilets, bathtubs, or anything else. A persistent clog (one your plunger can’t handle) is commonly located deep within your sewer lines, and only a professional with the experience and tools needed is going to get the problem handled!
  • Backups and strange sounds. If you flush the toilet only to find water backing up suddenly in your sink, or you detect some faint gurgling in your pipes, you’re probably dealing with the early stages of a sewer clog or an excessive amount of junk in your sewer line.
  • Tree roots. These little monsters are the number one reason you need consistent line cleaning. Tree roots are a persistent menace for your sewer system, growing and flourishing in the moist areas your sewer pipes create. Left alone, root systems can entirely invade your sewer line, and often can even cause a complete break. This is why keeping up with cleaning is so critical!

Superior Sewer Line Cleaning in Virginia

With our cutting-edge tools, knowledge, and techniques, the experts at HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited can bring you all of the maintenance and plumbing services you’ll ever need! Contact our experts today to learn more about our cleaning services, or to set your appointment!

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