24-Hour Emergency Air Conditioner Repair in Northern Virginia

We know just as well as you do that problems don’t wait to crop up. When you need an air conditioner repair service, you need it right now! Our summers are nothing to fuss around with, and every moment you spend without adequate cooling is a moment too long. And that’s why the repair professionals at HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited are available at all times, on any day to provide AC repair for our clients in Northern Virginia.

The emergency repair team at HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited has been providing reliable solutions that are as effective as they are affordable for decades. It is our mission to ensure our clients always get the best in quality service, and we stop at nothing to ensure you get exactly that and more.

*For emergency services we ask that you please call (703) 493-1200 and not submit an online request. Phone calls allow us to respond quickly to your emergency HVAC and plumbing needs!*

Emergency Air Conditioner Repair in Northern Virginia

When you call on HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited for emergency response solutions, you want a service that you can trust, both to get the job done right, and to not take advantage of your situation. Our emergency repair solutions are customer-focused, meaning we provide you with flawless service that aims to resolve any issue, no matter the scope or size, and we never gouge our clients for quality service.

Our emergency air conditioner repair team has dedicated years to gaining the training and knowledge needed to provide fast, accurate solutions. Couple that with our fully-equipped emergency vehicles and top-class tools, and you’ve got a service you know you can trust, no matter the time, day, or situation!

When Is it Time to Call for Emergency Repair?

So, what differentiates a “normal” service from an emergency one? Well, you call on our experts for emergency solutions when your comfort just can’t wait, it’s after normal business hours, or if the problem is a real doozy. Typically, we’d call these emergencies:

  • Strange sounds coming from your AC. Whether it’s a clank, bang, whine, or wheeze, odd sounds should never be ignored. They almost always point to component damage, failure, or loose parts, and these are very serious issues that stand to do long-term harm to your system if not resolved quickly.
  • Odd or foul odors. Musty, dusty smells are typically formations of dust choking up your system, and much of the time you can even simply remedy the issue with a quick air filter change. But if you smell burnt wiring, ozone, or that telltale “electrical melt” odor, call on our team immediately!
  • Warm or hot air. It’s plenty hot outside–you don’t need your air conditioner making it worse! If your system simply isn’t producing cool air, or the air it is producing isn’t cool enough, go ahead and call on our team. We’ll have things back to comfortable normalcy in no time.
  • Unresponsive thermostat. Thermostat reading 70 degrees, but if feels more like 80 or even 90? You’ve probably got an electrical issue on your hands, and that’s one that won’t go away any time soon. Call on our emergency team and we’ll get things set right as soon as possible.

Northern Virginia’s Emergency AC Repair Team

Regardless of where or when, our expertly trained professionals are standing by, ready for you! When you contact HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited for emergency service, we’ll prioritize your call, sending a fully-equipped and expertly trained repair team to your home right away.

Have an HVAC emergency? Contact our emergency service team at 703-493-1200!

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