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How Will Zoning Lower My Energy Bills?

While not an entirely new air conditioning system, HVAC zoning systems have been making big waves on the market in Northern Virginia in recent years, and for good reason. HVAC zoning solves a common problem experienced in any household, and it even solves one you may not have known you had.

Zoning In A Nutshell                   

Zoning is an air control system based around a series of thermostats systematically placed throughout your home. These systems enable your HVAC to maintain pre-set temperatures in each individual room, forgoing the old fashioned “One Temperature, One House” style of much older traditional models.

Put in simpler terms, HVAC zoning lets you pick a separate temperature for each room (or system of rooms, depending on your installation and setup) in your home. Do you like the living room cooler, but prefer a balmier, warmer bedroom? Easy work for a zoning system!

How Does This Solve My Problems?

Master of Your Environment                            

The comfort of your home should be a given. Our homes are our refuge, our place of safety and controlled comfort, and having better control of your environment augments this feeling. No more bickering over it’s too cold or too hot, and the necessity of purchasing numerous fans and space heaters is completely negated by a good zoning system.

It also solves the problems that come with a multiple floor home quite easily. Normally, HVAC systems have to work overtime to heat or cool a second floor, but with a zoning system, it can be handled separately of the rest of your home, making it much simpler to adequately maintain set temperatures.

Massive Energy Savings

Everyone’s favorite part, zoning systems bring a seemingly simple service that reaps huge rewards for your wallet! Older central heating and cooling systems have to chug hard to keep the temperature you set, sometimes having to kick it into overtime just to get to the one room you’re actually in. With zoning, the system puts out much less work for exponentially greater results.

How much better? In most cases, homes can achieve up to a thirty percent reduction in heating and cooling costs according to the US Department of Energy. This can equal out to hundreds of dollars every year, leaving you with an amazingly optimized system that pays for itself extremely quickly and leaves you better off both in finance and comfort.

The Bottom Line

Do you want a system that simplifies maintaining the comfort of your home, saves you hundreds a year in utility costs and simultaneously pays for itself? If yes (And we imagine your answer is likely yes), contact the specialists at HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited to discuss the availability of adding HVAC Zoning to your home. We proudly serve Fairfax, Alexandria, Springfield, Lorton and their local communities!

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