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Heat Pump Repair

You put a lot of faith in your heat pump to keep your home or business comfortable, and as far as the experts at HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited are concerned, that faith is not misplaced. Heat pumps serve exceptionally well for our climate and provide some of the best benefits for heating and cooling in the industry. However, even the best heat pump systems will eventually need the assistance of a professional hand.

If you need heat pump repairs, the certified specialists at HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited can provide the best services available, bar none. We take great pride in our exceptional skill and knowledge, and our techniques and technology are top-notch! We’ve been providing top quality repairs for ten years, building our reputation on excellence in all regards.

Need a fast and dependable heat pump repair in Northern Virginia? Contact our team today, either through our main site, or via phone at 703-493-1200. We’re always happy to provide the answers and service you’re looking for, and our emergency services are available 24-7 for contract customers!

*While we serve all customers until 10 PM, overnight emergency service (after 10 PM) is available for contract customers only for serious emergencies.*

*For emergency services we ask that you please call (703) 493-1200 and not submit an online request. Phone calls allow us to respond quickly to your emergency HVAC and plumbing needs!*

Signs You May Need Heat Pump Repair

Your heat pump is more communicative than you think, and if something goes awry, it’ll let you know. All you need to know is how to interpret the signs!

  • Unusual noise. Odd sounds are often the first major sign that something has gone wrong with your heat pump. If your pump begins chugging, or a clunk or whine becomes evident, you are almost definitely in need of professional attention. These sounds often indicate a loose or buster component, and will only worsen if left alone.
  • Increasing energy costs. Pumps are notable specifically for their exceptional efficiency, so if you notice a spike in your heating and cooling costs, it may indicate a sign of an ailing pump.
  • Frequent cycling. If your pump seems to ‘kick’ on and off more often than usual, there’s a good chance it’s having trouble keeping up with demand. This only happens when the pump is in need of repairs (or was installed poorly).
  • Mode jam. Your heat pump serves dual duty as both a cooling and heating system. So when the seasons change, you depend on its ability to satisfy your need. Occasionally, the valve that operates a mode switch can become damaged or stuck. Don’t get caught in a season shift without the temperature control you need, call on our professionals right away!
  • Won’t operate. The surest sign of them all, if your heat pump simply refuses to operate, something is definitely not as it should be. Don’t be left without temperature control for your home this season, call on a professional immediately!

Heat Pump Repair In Virginia With HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited

At HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited, we know heat pumps. All types and styles, from air source to geothermal, our professionals have the experience and skill needed to handle the repairs you need! With our team, no repair is too big or too small, and your comfort and satisfaction are our absolute priority.

HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited has built its reputation on peerless service and honesty, and we would like nothing more than to extend our abilities to providing the solutions you need. Contact our team today to learn more about our heat pump repair services, or to schedule an appointment!

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