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24-Hour Emergency AC Repair & Heating Repair in Annandale, VA

Emergency Services for Contract Customers

Air conditioning emergencies and heating failures don’t wait for a convenient moment to happen. For some reason, it seems that you need heating repairs on the coldest, darkest night of the year. When the summer heat is at its worst, that’s when you need emergency AC repairs. At HVAC Unlimited, we understand the need for immediate service when any part of your HVAC system malfunctions. We handle heating and air conditioning emergencies* in the Annandale, Virginia area all year long.

*While we serve all customers until 8 PM, overnight emergency service (after 8 PM) is available for contract customers only.

When you need emergency HVAC repairs from a reliable company “near me” in the Annandale area, HVAC Unlimited is here to help. Call us now at (703) 493-1200.

Annandale Emergency AC Repairs & Heating Repairs Big & Small

We don’t care if your entire system has gone down or if your pilot light has merely become extinguished. We handle all heating and AC emergency repairs. Size doesn’t matter. We perform the largest commercial replacement jobs as well as the smallest residential repair problems. No job in Annandale is too small or too large for our technicians to deal with quickly and professionally.

For us, 24-hour emergency HVAC service is all in a day’s work. We recognize how critical it is to get your furnace or air conditioner fixed to stop your family’s discomfort. We react to your emergency the same way we would react to a problem with our very own HVAC system. Our experienced and professional staff will show up to answer your AC emergency promptly, and we won’t leave until we’ve discovered the problem and repaired it.

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We Handle All Air Conditioning & Heating Emergencies in Annandale

You won’t find a more responsive 24-hour emergency HVAC service company in the Annandale, Virginia area than HVAC Unlimited.

Whatever your emergency, HVAC Unlimited can be on-site to deal with it quickly. All it takes, 24 hours a day, is a single phone call to launch one of our fully equipped service vehicles staffed by experienced emergency AC repair technicians who have the know-how to handle any type of HVAC emergency.

If you have an HVAC emergency in the Annandale, Virginia area, we can help with a timely response and honest service. Call us now at (703) 493-1200.

Why Choose HVAC Unlimited for 24-Hour Emergency AC Repairs in Annandale?

When you’re choosing an emergency AC repair company in Annandale, Virginia, you should always choose HVAC Unlimited. Why?

We are committed to:

  • The ongoing training of our employees
  • Adequate and fair compensation for work performed
  • Providing the safest conditions possible to work in
  • Never intentionally damaging the environment

It is our intention to:

  • Deliver products and services that will ultimately exceed our customer’s expectations
  • Be perceived by consumers and peers as the leader in providing quality indoor air comfort
  • Be the best in all that we do; there is no room for second place
  • Never forget our humble beginnings and to always remember that we are where we are because our original goal was quality, service, and honesty beyond compare

It can be miserable to be without heating and cooling, so we do our best to get you up and running quickly. Contact us today for services in Annandale, Virginia!

Get the value-focused & trustworthy service you deserve today!
  • For emergency service, please call our office at 703-493-1200.


We have staff on call 24/7 to provide assistance to our customers. We provide emergency service up to 8pm for all customers and 24/7 for contract customers. For quick, efficient emergency services, please call (703) 493-1200 immediately.