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Ductless AC Replacement Northern VA

If you’re looking for alternatives to traditional central air for your Virginia home, the professionals at HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited just might have the answer! Our ductless air conditioning (mini-split) systems provide peerless comfort that is versatile, powerful and highly energy-efficient! Our experts are ready to find the perfect cooling solution for your home! We offer full consultations, a 24-hour emergency replacement service, and various models to ensure we have just the right fit for your home.

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The Benefits of Ductless Systems

Mini-split systems have seen a dramatic increase in installation and use in recent years. Why? Because they offer excellent performance, increased efficiency and a versatility that stands absolutely unrivalled when compared to other HVAC options. Ductless systems offer:

  • Superior temperature control. Ductless systems use a method called “zoning” that allows you to control the exact temperature of every room with a unit installed individually. This means you can cool specific areas of your home according to your needs, dramatically reducing energy costs when compared to the “full blast” methods of central AC.
  • Versatile solutions. Without the need of a duct system, mini-splits can be installed in a wider range throughout your home, and do not take up space like central systems.
  • Quick, simple replacement. A mini-split system is a snap to install in the hands of a trained professional. This means you get the cooling you need and deserve fast.
  • Improved air and sound quality. Ductless AC systems use a highly advanced filtration system, reducing the presence of pollen and other allergens in the home. Additionally, the operate at barely a whisper, meaning your home is quieter and more peaceful!

Ductless AC Replacement

With the assistance of HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited, the normally frustrating and stressful process of seeking replacement becomes as easy as a phone call! Our specialists are equipped with peerless knowledge, skill and industry-leading products to bring you the cooling solution of your dreams. Making use of our maintenance plan can afford you even greater peace of mind, ensuring a long life of optimal performance from your ductless air conditioner units.

It may be time to seek replacement if:

  • Your current system is noisy. Ductless systems are exceedingly quiet, so if it develops some strange sounds, you may need to contact us about a replacement.
  • Your current system has developed a leak. A mini-split boasts highly effective filtration and condensation removal. If you note pooling water or excessive wetness on or around your unit, replacement might be your solution.
  • Your system is hot, or overheating.
  • Your ductless system exceeds ten years of age. Generally between ten and fifteen years, a homeowner will save loads of money in the long run by seeking replacement.

Ductless AC Replacement with HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited in Northern Virginia

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