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Boiler Repairs in Northern Virginia

As a proud owner of a boiler, you’re pretty well protected from the frigid chill of our winters here in Virginia. That is, until something goes wrong. When you need boiler repair, you need service from professionals that are dedicated to fast, effective repairs, without sacrificing quality. Our teams at HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited have all of your needs covered! We’re equipped to handle repairs of any size, at any time!

Our specialists carry all of the experience, skill and products needed to get your repairs done right. At HVAC unlimited, we only bring the best!

Are you in need of high-quality boiler repair for your home or business? Contact HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited today to get the help you need, and the service you deserve!

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Signs You Need Boiler Repair

There are lots of indications that something may be wrong with your boiler. Keep an eye out for any of these signs:

  • Odd sounds. One of the first (and too often, the last!) indications that something has gone awry, odd sounds should never be ignored. Sounds may indicate a number of problems, such as the clunking of a deposit buildup in the tank, or a squeal or thin whine when a component has become damaged. Odd sounds can be very serious, and left alone could cause huge issues.
  • Leaking. A leak can lead to increased costs, and if left alone, can create an opportunity for even further damage. Have it checked and handled by a professional immediately.
  • Unusual odor. Really with a boiler, any smell at all should be unusual. If you smell anything strange, particularly sulfurous (rotten eggs) or metallic odors, seek professional assistance now. This could be a serious health risk!
  • Older boilers. Boilers are built to last, but that doesn’t mean they’ll last forever. After even ten years, your boiler should be routinely checked and repaired by a trained professional. If it’s really getting up there in years, you may even consider boiler replacement to increase efficiency and reduce the frequency of boiler repair.

Emergency Boiler Repair in Fairfax

A convenient time for your boiler to break down doesn’t really exist, but if you’re worried that we won’t have you covered, don’t! As long as you’re a contract customer of HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited, our emergency repair services are available any time, any day! HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited can have a fully-equipped specialist out to your home or business any time you need them.

*While we serve all customers until 10 PM, overnight emergency service (after 10 PM) is available for contract customers only for serious emergencies.*

*For emergency services we ask that you please call (703) 493-1200 and not submit an online request. Phone calls allow us to respond quickly to your emergency HVAC and plumbing needs!*

Expert Boiler Repair In Virginia With HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited

Our specialists are expertly trained, and strive to stay ahead of all of the changes that come so rapidly to our industry. Training never stops, and we strive to bring our consumers the very best in technology and techniques. We can handle any boiler, no matter the age, make model or condition.

Whether your issue is large or small, our experts are standing by to assist. HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited takes pride in providing our consumers with the best service and skill in Virginia, and we would love nothing more than to bring you the services you need. If you need boiler repair, or any of our other services, contact HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited now!

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