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WiFi Thermostats: See What They Can Do

There are many different varieties of WiFi thermostats today. They offer the ultimate in conserving energy and help keep the cost down for heating and cooling your home.

Convenient Benefits

One of the greatest benefits of a WiFi thermostat is that you can program or adjust it through any IP connection, whether you’re at home or away. Some models actually “learn” about your lifestyle and adjust your temperature automatically. For instance, sensors are placed in various rooms inside and outside that can detect movement in your home. These will lower your temperature while you’re gone or sleeping and adjust it back up when there’s activity inside your home again. You can also program them with a set schedule to save money and energy in the long run.

When used in conjunction with a ductless or zoned system, the WiFi thermostat sensors in your rooms can be adjusted for the need of each room. Let’s say your elderly grandmother has come for a visit, and you want her room to be a little warmer than the rest for her comfort. On the other hand, your children are lively and energetic, so their room needs cooler temperatures. Adjustments can also be made during times of extreme temperatures.

Here are a few instances where your WiFi thermostat can offer more convenience to you:

  • You are working late, so you postpone warming your home until later.
  • You forgot to turn the heat down at work when you left. Simply use your smartphone, tablet or computer at home
  • Program your thermostat from your computer without walking to the thermostat.
  • Checking/adjusting the temperature in a rental property.

Research Your Needs

When considering which WiFi thermostat to choose, research which will be best for your needs. Some WiFi thermostats require professional installation while others offer a simple step-by-step DIY install. Ask your HVAC professional about this before you make your purchase.

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