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Where to Buy a Carrier Air Conditioner

If you are asking where to buy a Carrier air conditioner, you might already be familiar with the advantages offered by Carrier cooling systems or you might have only heard of the brand name and would like to know more about them. Whether you need an air conditioning system for your new home or want to replace or upgrade your existing system, Carrier has equipment that will fit your needs.

Willis Carrier invented air conditioning in 1902. The company that he formed along with a few fellow engineers in 1915 has provided air conditioning for homes and businesses since it began manufacturing in 1920. Today the Carrier Corporation, a subsidiary of United Technologies, is recognized throughout the world as a leader in development and manufacture of reliable, energy-efficient and innovative cooling systems.

Carrier makes air conditioners to fit just about any situation, whether the space is new construction with lots of space for ducts and equipment or an older home or office building with space limitations or lacking existing ductwork. Here are four of the main types of air conditioning systems that Carrier offers:

  • Carrier heat pumps provide energy-efficient cooling and heating with the same equipment. Heat pumps move heat from an outside source, either from the air or from water circulating in tubing buried underground, into a building in winter, and from the inside of the building to the outside in summer.
  • Traditional split system air conditioners with the fan coil inside and the compressor outside are ideal for new construction or for replacing existing systems. These systems are energy-efficient and quiet running.
  • For buildings with limited inside space, Carrier offers packaged products, both heat pumps and air conditioners, that have all of the equipment except the ductwork housed in a compact outdoor unit.
  • Carrier’s ductless air conditioners are ideal for cooling single rooms or for buildings lacking ductwork.

Since you have found this website, you already know that HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited is where to buy a Carrier air conditioner in northern Virginia. If you live outside our region you can visit the Carrier website to search for Carrier dealers by zip code.


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