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What Can Void an HVAC Warranty in Your Fairfax Home?

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Maintaining an active warranty for your home’s comfort systems can save you a good deal of money should it need any repairs. It’s worth learning what can void an HVAC warranty because parts replacements and repairs can be expensive. And taking the precautions to keep it active actually helps preserve your system and reduce energy bills.

5 Things That Will Void Your Warranty

While warranty provisions vary, these are the most common reasons a company can void a warranty:

  • Failing to register it. If you have a new system installed, you’ll have to register it with the manufacturer. Your contractor can show you where and how to do it, whether online or through the mail. If you buy a home whose HVAC warranty is transferable, you’ll have to ask the previous homeowner or read the policy to learn how to put the warranty into your name.
  • A licensed contractor didn’t install it. These systems are intricate and complex and most manufacturers require that a licensed contractor install them. Someone who installs a new system without a valid Virginia HVAC license will probably void an HVAC warranty, since it violates the manufacturer’s requirements, as well as state regulations.
  • You skip annual maintenance. These systems require annual servicing provided by an HVAC professional that keeps them in top-running condition. Since they vibrate as they run, parts can loosen, dust collects and some components require regular lubrication. Not staying on top of maintenance leads to premature part failure. Between annual service visits, changing the air filter, keeping debris away from the outdoor condenser, and keeping the condenser coil clean will reduce the likelihood of avoidable component failure.
  • You don’t have records. It’s a good idea to keep receipts from your HVAC service calls to prove you didn’t neglect system maintenance.
  • You’ve used another manufacturer’s replacement parts. The manufacturer of your HVAC system can’t guarantee its performance if you’ve used non-OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts.

The pros at HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited Heating & Air Conditioning can answer any questions you have so that you don’t void an HVAC warranty. We provide trusted HVAC services for greater Prince William, Loudoun, and Fairfax County homeowners.

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