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Your Water Heating Bills Can Be Reduced With These 4 Tips


Heating water ranks second after heating a home for overall energy consumption for the typical family. You can cut water heating bills by taking these steps that will also increase its longevity and dependability.

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Flush the Tank to Remove Sediment

Water contains dissolved minerals that will sink to the bottom of the tank as sediment. Over time, these solids collect and slow the heating process, driving up energy consumption. Add flushing a quart of water from the tank once every three months to your home maintenance checklist to improve efficiency and extend the heater’s lifetime.

Water heaters have a hose end at their base to which you can connect a garden hose, as well as a spigot that opens the valve. After attaching the hose, turn the power off or move the gas valve to the pilot setting. Open the spigot and drain the water into a pail, noting the one-quart mark. If you’ve never flushed the tank before, you might consider draining more water to reduce the level of minerals in the tank.

Adjust the Temperature

Turn the temperature on the water heater thermostat down to 120 degrees. Lowering it to 120 degrees cuts water heating bills and prevents scalding injuries. If you need hotter water for the dishwasher, use its heated wash setting.

Use Insulation

Examine how many feet of exposed hot water pipes you have that are accessible and place tubular foam pipe insulation around them. You can also find water heater tank insulating kits at home improvement centers that reduce the standby losses as water sits in the tank. Follow the directions carefully, especially if you have a gas water heater that requires precise combustion and venting for safety.

Conserve Hot Water

It’s easier than ever to use less hot water by replacing faucets and shower heads with WaterSense products, which is the Environmental Protection Agency’s new label designating plumbing fixtures that use the least amount of water.

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