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Water Heater Maintenance for Your Fairfax Home — What You Can Do?


When you have seasonal maintenance done on your furnace or air conditioner, it’s also a good time to look at maintaining appliances such as your water heater. Here are some water heater maintenance tasks that will keep the system working safely, effectively, and at the lowest possible cost.

Water Heater Maintenance Tasks

  • Check fuel connections: If your water heater uses natural gas for fuel, make sure all the connections between the heater and the utility line are tight and in good condition. The fuel lines should be checked for any damage or possible leaks.
  • Test system thermostat: A typical setting for water temperature is 120 degrees, though some homeowners might want it higher or lower. Test the thermostat on your water heater to make sure it’s producing hot water at the temperature you prefer. Replace defective thermostats to help prevent possible hot-water injuries.
  • Inspect heating elements: Heating elements should be checked and tested to make sure they are working properly and producing enough heat to efficiently create the amount of hot water you need.
  • Check and test safety features: Pressure valves, such as the temperature and pressure (T&P) valve, are important safety features for your water heater. This valve activates when temperatures or pressure inside your water heater get too high, preventing a burst or exploding water heater. Have your plumbing professional make sure the valves are operational and that they are free from sediment that could interfere with their function.
  • Clear and flush tank: The water heater tank should be flushed and cleared to remove build-up of sediment or other impurities that are left behind. Drain all the water from the tank to clear sediments, then run water through the tank to finish removing any leftover material.
  • Insulate the heater: Install an insulating sheath or jacket to reduce the amount of heat energy that is lost from the system’s storage tank.

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