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Vacationing This Winter? Don’t Leave Your Home Unsecured

If you’re like a lot of people who are vacationing this winter, your anticipation for the trip to come is mixed with a little apprehension about what you’re leaving behind: namely, your treasured home and possessions. However, if you take steps to secure your home before you leave town, vacationing this winter can turn out to be the blissful escape you’re hoping for.

Here’s an easy to-do list to allow you to check off the action items as you accomplish them:

  • Schedule your annual furnace maintenance check if you haven’t already done so. Why? Because you’ll want to keep the temperature in your home set to about 60 degrees to mitigate the risk of pipes freezing while you’re gone, and you don’t want a furnace malfunction to interfere with your best efforts. Set the thermostat fan to the “on” or “run” setting to keep the warm air flowing.
  • Leave the name and phone number of your trusted heating and air conditioning expert with a neighbor you trust, just in case of an emergency.
  • Turn off outdoor spigots, as well as your home’s main water valve right before you leave. Then turn on an upstairs faucet for about 30 seconds to relieve any pressure that may have built up in the pipes. This precaution will prevent water seepage, just in case there is a leak in the pipes.
  • Make a thorough sweep of your home and unplug all of your appliances, except for the refrigerator, and turn off your water heater. Go room to room and check every outlet. Believe it or not, you can see significant energy savings from simply unplugging appliances when they’re not in use.
  • Lock all of your windows and doors and secure sliding glass doors by placing a wooden dowel or pole in the track.
  • Place timers on lamps and, if you have time, install motion-sensor lights at the front and back doors of your home.

The pros at HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited Heating & Air Conditioning want your trip to be as stress- and trouble-free as possible. Remember that we’re here to help in any way we can to protect your home so that you can enjoy your winter vacation to the fullest.

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