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Tight Ducts Help You Save in Winter or Summer

For most homeowners, ductwork isn’t usually thought about often because, for the most part, it’s out of sight. Neglecting it, however, can end up costing you. When ductwork is faulty, heated or cooled air can be lost.

Why Is Ductwork Important?

Your ductwork is responsible for moving air all around your home. It brings cold air to your furnace, and another set of ducts takes the heated air and distributes it around your home. When there are leaks or obstructions in your ducts, the airflow will be impeded and your overall heating system efficiency will decline. While the most common issue is air leakage, there are other issues that can cause air in your ducts to be blocked or to escape.

Finding Ductwork Problems

It’s tough to find ductwork issues by yourself. You can find some of the more obvious problems by testing the temperature in different parts of your house to see if they’re being evenly heated. Most problems however will have to be fixed in the ductwork itself, which can be hard to reach. The best option in most houses is to hire an HVAC professional to test, inspect and fix ductwork problems.

How to Fix Problems

Many people think duct tape is suitable as a quick fix for loose ducts and vents, but it’s a poor and temporary solution. Instead, leaks should be sealed with mastic sealant or high-quality metal tape.

If you have a particularly old HVAC system with many issues, repairing may not be a practical option. The issues could be a result of poor installation, design or deterioration over time, but either way you may have to replace ductwork. It’s best to consult with an HVAC professional in a situation like this to find out your best options.

Before you do any of this, if you suspect you have an airflow issue, make sure none of the vents in your rooms are blocked by furniture.

If you’re looking for professional assistance with ductwork in your Ashburn area home, contact us at HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited, Inc..

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