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Regular Maintenance: What You Can Do To Care For Your HVAC Equipment


When you give your HVAC equipment regular maintenance, you’re prolonging its life and increasing its energy efficiency. These tips encompass those tasks that homeowners can do, and enhance the value that routine professional maintenance provides.

Routine Maintenance Tasks for Your HVAC System

  • Inspect the air filter each month and change it when it’s dirty. Nothing drives up energy bills faster than a clogged filter. Not changing it also wears your system out faster because it slows the airflow through the system and the equipment has to run longer to reach the thermostat’s setting.
  • Go through your home occasionally and check the registers. Check that the supply and return registers don’t have anything blocking them. Blocking the ducts intentionally or otherwise will increase the pressure inside the ductwork and may cause ductwork leaks, driving up conditioning costs and reducing indoor air quality.
  • Clean the covers over the registers when they get dusty to get the benefit of the airflow coming through them.
  • Central air conditioners and heat pumps have outdoor condensers that need to be free from any vegetation. Keep the weeds from growing near it and remove any dead leaves that may accumulate nearby. These systems have higher efficiency when they’re unobstructed. Make it a point to tell each family member not to store things on top of or beside the condenser.
  • Hose off the condenser coils when they get dirty as part of regular maintenance. If you have a heat pump, clean the coils before the first freeze and in the spring before cooling season begins.
  • At the start of the cooling season, check the drainpipe for the air conditioner and clear away anything that blocks its ability to drain water from the air conditioner. You can also check the drain pan inside the air handler to make sure it’s clean and free of mold. If you see dirt or mold, clean the pan with a mix of water and vinegar, which will kill the mold spores.

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