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Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Plumber in Fairfax, VA

When the plumbing work in your home needs repair, replacement or other servicing, what do you think of first? Most homeowners leap to the computer and flick through a search engine until they find something they like. A few clicks and a phone call away, and someone is coming to remedy the situation. But with modern-day scammers, underhanded businesses, and uninsured work, are you sure you got the right person for the job? 

At HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited, we strive to provide peerless plumbing and HVAC services. But beyond that, we take your safety, security and satisfaction very seriously. Next time you hire a plumber in Fairfax, be sure to ask these all-important questions.

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Key Questions to Ask Your Fairfax Plumber

When you hire a plumber in Fairfax, you need information. You need to know about the company, and whether or not they can be trusted to bring you the best possible solution. Luckily, all of this information can be found by asking these simple questions:

  • Are you currently licensed in our state? It is exceedingly important to ask this exact question. A licensed plumber is up to date with modern technology, and works for a reputable business. Don’t forget to ask about the specific state as well. State criteria are different, and a plumber licensed in Virginia isn’t licensed for the entire United States.
  • Do you have proof of insurance? Also of key importance. Guarantees, warranties and other forms of assurance tell you that the plumber is serious and professional. Not only that, but accidents happen. Make sure you’re covered on all bases.
  • When and how do you want payment? Be very, very clear on this question. If a plumber (or any service, for that matter) wants full payment up front, you do not want to work with them. They may and or may not be scamming, but either way, this is how you get roped into bad deals. Also be wary of businesses that accept cash only. Another warning sign of scams or seedy business.
  • Can you provide a detailed estimate on paper? You need to be able to see all aspects of a deal before you sign in on a project contract. Flat rates, hourly rates, materials, work, all of it. If you can’t get that from your plumber, you’re likely to see a skyrocketing price while the job goes on. You don’t want that, and we don’t want it either.

Superior Plumbing Services in Fairfax, Virginia

When you need reliable plumbing service for your home, contact the professionals at HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited. We make your decision to hire a plumber a simple one! With decades of experience, expertly trained professionals and top-quality plumbing products, we’re sure to exceed your expectations.

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