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Extending the Life of Your Home’s HVAC System


Your home’s HVAC system is likely to be the single-most expensive component inside it and extending the life of an HVAC system will save you money on a replacement and lower energy bills at the same time. Like all mechanical systems, it performs better with regular maintenance and between what you and your HVAC contractor do, you’ll increase its lifetime.

Tips that Prolong Your AC and Furnace Lifespan

  • Change the air filter. Nothing shortens the life of an HVAC system faster than a dirty air filter and increases energy bills. A dirty air filter slows airflow through the air handler, which makes it run longer to reach the thermostat’s setting and drives up energy consumption. Checking the filter monthly and changing when it’s dirty is simple and affordable that gives you a measurable return on performance.
  • Keep the outdoor condenser clean. The air conditioning side of your HVAC system or a heat pump relies on a clean condenser to work best. It needs ample airflow around all sides to cool the hot refrigerant from your home. Remove any vegetation or debris that blocks the flow of air over the condensing coil. The coil itself needs periodic cleaning to remove any dust or grass clippings so that the air flowing over it has a better chance to blow away the heat. Use a light spray with the hose or a soft brush if the coils are exceptionally dirty.
  • Many homeowners believe that extending the life of an HVAC system is possible by closing off rooms they don’t frequently use. In reality, this can backfire because they increase the air pressure in the air handler and the ductwork. Ductwork leaks can occur more easily, another drain on your system that raises energy consumption and system usage.
  • Annual maintenance is a must to keep the system running as well as it should. The HVAC technicians go through the equipment, cleaning, adjusting, and bringing it back to its original running condition as closely as possible.

For more useful tips about extending the life of an HVAC system, contact HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited Heating & Air. We proudly provide HVAC services for Fairfax area homeowners.

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