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A Programmable Thermostat Will Help You Save if You Follow These Guidelines

For homeowners looking to save money on ever-rising energy bills, purchasing a programmable thermostat has become a reliable investment. Many quality programmable thermostats can work to save any household a great deal of money on heating or air conditioning costs, but it all comes down to how they’re used. To get the most out of your programmable thermostat and enjoy energy savings all year long, follow these simple guidelines.

Customize Heating and A/C Cycles Around Work or School

Take advantage of the customized schedule that can be programmed into your new thermostat for every week and weekend. To save the most money, program your thermostat to warm up shortly before you wake up and then set it lower while you’re away for eight hours or more. Likewise, your programmable thermostat can begin warming up or cooling down the house for your arrival.

Schedule Heat or A/C to Turn Off During Sleep

Program your thermostat to maintain a lower temperature during the late night hours when everyone in the home is fast asleep for maximum savings. When you and loved ones are dreaming, say around 3am, it may not be necessary for the heater to be turned on again until morning. This is a great way to save on heating costs.

Stay Conscious of Energy Consumption

Programmable thermostats can save money only to the extent that the homeowner is interested in reducing energy consumption. A single degree in indoor air temperature can have a big impact on the cost of monthly bills, so programming the thermostat correctly and carefully monitoring its cycles is important to ensure optimal energy savings.

To learn more about programmable thermostats or how to save money on energy, contact HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited Heating & Air Conditioning. We proudly serve the HVAC needs of homeowners in and around Fairfax, Arlington, Springfield and other areas of Virginia.

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