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Pet Allergies a Problem? Some Things You Can Do

Pet allergies can be a nuisance at best. At worst, they exacerbate existing respiratory problems to the detriment of your health. Fortunately, there are things you can do to keep your allergies in check. The following tips will reduce your allergies and improve indoor air quality:

Be Proactive

If you’re pursuing pet ownership, do your homework ahead of time. There are several breeds of dogs and cats that are considered hypoallergenic. Talk to your local veterinarian regarding animal breeds known to cause fewer allergic reactions.

Once you have pets, keeping your home free of pet hair and dander is one of the most important steps in reducing allergies. Vacuum and dust regularly to keep pet hair and dander to a minimum on carpeting, furnishings and window treatments. If you’re sensitive to allergens, wear a mask when cleaning the house.

Bathe and brush your pets regularly to reduce the build up of dander, dried saliva and outside allergens that can settle on fur. Wash your hands after petting your pets and before touching your face, eyes or nose.

Change Air Filters More Often

Air filters should be changed every two to three months, although experts recommend changing them more often to improve energy efficiency. If you or a family member is prone to pet allergies, consider changing yours at least once a month to prevent allergens from recirculating through your forced-air system. Purchase filters with a higher MERV rating, which prevent smaller particles from getting through. That being said, filters with a higher MERV rating can reduce airflow, so talk to your HVAC technician about the best options for your system.

Invest in an Air Cleaner

Air cleaners come in many forms—from mechanical and electric air cleaners to gas phase air cleaners and ozone generators. Make an appointment with a local HVAC contractor to discuss the options available to you.

Contact HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited, Inc. to discuss ways to reduce pet allergies and improve your Springfield home’s indoor air quality.

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