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How Long Should My Furnace Last?

How long should my furnace last? It’s a question most homeowners ask at some point. Ideally, the inquiry won’t have been prompted by a shivering family. In our part of northern Virginia, where average January lows are only 24 degrees, it’s advisable to put some thought into appliance lifespan before your furnace breaks down, rather than after.

Potential Problems

Poorly-maintained blowers can collect dust, or run dry of lubrication oil. Soot and corrosion in the combustion chamber inhibits heat transfer. Such contamination can also drop onto the burner, ruining the gas/air mixture.

Troubleshooting Furnace Issues

At the first sign of trouble, suspect the kids. It may be that they altered the controls while playing at Starship Captains. Check your vent connection pipe, and the chimney if you have one. Blockages can inhibit combustion, reducing heat yield. Visually inspect the heat exchanger for water and exhaust gas leaks; neither are good news.

When to Consider Replacement

Old appliances are inefficient, regardless of the fuel they use. Furnaces that have been converted from solid fuel to either gas or oil are notoriously ill-mannered. Incorrectly sized equipment wastes fuel either by burning too much for your living space, or struggling to meet demand.

New Furnace Costs

This depends entirely on the brand of the furnace you prefer, the type of fuel you’ll use, the size of your home and the technology you wish to incorporate. At 2013 prices, a mid-range unit may set you back between $3,000 and $5,500.

How Long Should My Furnace Last?

Proper maintenance of your heating system is vital. Well-looked-after equipment not only operates more efficiently, and it lasts longer. Again, the variables are too great to be specific, but anything over 15 years old is doing well.

It’s not all bad news, of course. Modern replacement appliances are typically far more efficient than redundant models. New equipment will save you money in the long run. But it’s a big decision, and homeowners rightly have lots of questions. HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited Heating & Air Conditioning has all the answers. Make an appointment for one of our consultants to share them with you.

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