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Remodeling Your Home? Make Sure You Consider Indoor Air Quality!

Summer is a great time for playing outdoors, hosting barbecues, and remodeling your home. But before you commit to that brand-new kitchen you’ve been eyeing, have you given a good amount of thought to your indoor air quality? Remodeling is a great opportunity to improve the energy-efficiency of your home, starting with the ventilation, moisture control, and building materials you use.

Did you know that stuffy air, moisture condensation, and mold are all signs of poor air quality and ventilation? To help you out, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has created an interactive guide on opportunities to improve your indoor air quality during remodels. Below are a few of the most important areas to watch during your home remodel.

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Indoor Air Quality Issues to Address when Remodeling Your Home

Along with color swatches and tile comparisons, there are a few necessities in indoor air quality you should think about before you begin remodeling your home. A few of these include:

Ventilation System

If you don’t have the proper ventilation, indoor air pollutants are cycled through your home over and over. Another problem with your ventilation system is that it could have leaks. Sealing your ventilation system can help prevent mold and mildew from building up, and also ensure you’re not losing any conditioned air.

Moisture Control

Excess moisture in your home can cause a myriad of problems, from mold growth and increased allergens to compromised structures due to wood rot. Excess moisture can be in the form of too much humidity, leaky walls or roofs, cracks in the plumbing, or leaks in the ventilation system that allow moisture in.


Asbestos can be found in many materials used in the construction industry and is made of naturally occurring minerals that separate into many strong, very fine fibers. While asbestos is heat-resistant and therefore good for construction, these fibers, when crushed, can be inhaled. As long as the surface is stable and has not been damaged you shouldn’t have trouble, according to the EPA.

Pest Control and Painting

Using pesticides and painting indoors both provide risks to your health. You should always follow the directions when doing it yourself, and make sure the area you ware working in is well-ventilated. Be sure to separate living areas from remodeling areas to prevent any harmful elements from finding their way to your family. If you are scraping paint you suspect has lead in it, stop immediately and consult your state health or housing department.

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Remember to visit the EPA’s pages dedicated to your remodel, and be sure to trust any of your ventilation needs to HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited. Maintaining good air quality in your home is an investment for the future of your well-being. Removing contaminants, pollution and chemicals from indoor air enables your entire family to breathe more easily, especially those who suffer from asthma or allergies. Additionally, good air quality eliminates odors in all areas including basements, improving and increasing your home’s livable space, resale value and of course, your own quality of life.

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