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A Heat Pump Provides Year-Round Comfort, But Is It Right for Your Home?

Heat pumps are valuable investments both from the standpoint of energy savings and home comfort. The right system can add value to your home and keep your family comfortable in all seasons. Before you make a decision, you need to consider all the heat pump pros and cons.

Heat Pump Pros 

  • Energy efficient – heat pumps warm your home by using the heat-exchange properties of refrigerant to move heat from the outside to the inside. Because they move heat energy rather than creating it, heat pumps generate 170-330 percent more heat energy than the electricity used to run them.
  • Multipurpose cost saving – reverse-cycle heat pumps can do double duty by both heating and cooling your home. This eliminates the need for two units while maintaining the temperature you need to keep your home comfortable.
  • Heat pumps can also dehumidify when in “cooling, “dehumidifying” or “dry” mode, potentially saving you the expense of a dehumidifier.
  • Improved air quality – heat pumps often accommodate washable filters that remove particles, allergens and dust from the air that enters your home. All family members will breathe easier with cleaner air.

     Heat Pump Cons 

    • High noise levels – heat pumps have fans that run in both the inside and outside unit. Some homeowners find this annoying. If operating properly, the inside fan should only be little louder than the level of a hum. If the outside condensing unit is located strategically, the noise shouldn’t be bothersome.
    • Inefficient in extremely cold temperatures – because heat pumps extract heat from outside air to heat your home, maintaining warmer temperatures is more difficult when the outside temperatures are very cold. In our Northern Virginia climate, this isn’t the issue that it is farther north, though it’s still worth considering.

    Weighing Heat Pump Pros and Cons 

    When deciding whether to make the move to a heat pump, you need to consider all these heat pump pros and cons. Decide which are important to your family and which aren’t. For more questions about heat pump pros and cons and how they may affect your family, contact HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited Heating & Air Conditioning.

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