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4 Heat Pump Features That Work to Keep Your Fairfax Home Constantly Comfortable


In recent years, HVAC engineers have developed advanced heat pump features that improve the year-round comfort these appliances offer. These technological advances boost the performance of heat pumps, along with their energy efficiency and versatility, making them a sound choice for an HVAC replacement.

Compressor Options

The compressor alters the pressure of the refrigerant that heat pumps use year-round to heat and cool your home. A heat pump with a dual-speed compressor uses less electricity because it only runs on high when your home needs extra conditioning. Most of the time, it’ll run on its slower speed, saving energy dollars.

Another good choice is a heat pump with a scroll compressor. Because of their design, they last longer than a typical piston compressor and are capable of delivering up to 10-  to 15-degree warmer air when heating than a piston compressor.

Motor Speed

Choosing a heat pump with a variable-speed motor in the air handler will reduce the noise the fan makes and create even temperatures throughout your home. These motors operate at lower speeds for a longer period, circulating the conditioned air more thoroughly. These motors also use less electricity than a single-speed motor does.

Backup Heating

Almost all heat pumps use an electric resistance coil that turns on when the pump can’t extract enough heat from the outdoor air to adequately warm your home. You can get the best of what a heat pump offers for milder weather by combining it with combustion heating system for colder temperatures. It switches to the gas furnace when outdoor temperatures fall to about 30 degrees and below.


These devices use the waste heat from the cooling cycle to heat your home’s water; they can also be used to heat swimming pools or hot tubs. Next to cooling, heating water is the largest energy expense for most families.

To learn more about these heat pump features, or for other home comfort needs, contact HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited Heating & Air Conditioning. We provide trusted HVAC services for homeowners in the Fairfax and Alexandria areas.

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