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Geothermal System Myths Exposed

If you’ve been eyeing a geothermal system for your home, you may have run across some information about them that detracts from the high efficiency and durability that these systems offer.

These are the most common myths associated with geothermal systems:

  • MYTH: They’re not renewable. Geothermal heat pumps (GHPs) use the thermal resources underground or a water sources to extract or replace the heat, which is how all heat pumps condition homes year-round. A GHP uses one unit of energy for each five units of heat it moves, making it one of the most renewable heat pumps available. When combined with soar or wind-generated electricity, they’re the cleanest and renewable kind of HVAC equipment available.
  • MYTH: They require a lot of land. New installation techniques minimize how much land is needed for these systems. The underground loop field can be placed vertically, opening the opportunity for homeowners with small yards to take advantage of a geothermal system’s high energy efficiency.
  • MYTH: A GHP is noisy. Since the geothermal system doesn’t require an outdoor condenser, the systems are much quieter. In addition, the indoor heat pump runs much more quietly than other kinds of HVAC systems.
  • MYTH: Geothermal systems only heat. A GHP can heat and cool, providing year-round comfort. In fact, it can even heat water, including home swimming pools.
  • MYTH: A geothermal heat pump wastes water. Closed loop systems using a water source pump the water back into the resource, so there’s no wasted water. Not all GHPs use water as the thermal resource, eliminating water consumption entirely.
  • MYTH: GHPs are expensive. While the installation of a GHP costs more than other kinds of HVAC equipment, the energy savings have a fast payback period. Federal tax credits that last until the end of 2016 will offset 30 percent of the cost of the equipment, labor and installation. The life span of a geothermal heat pump’s indoor component is 25 years and the underground loop field 50 years, making them a solid investment.

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