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Considering Geothermal? 5 Things You Should Know


Making the decision about a geothermal heat pump (GHP) is a major one. Following are five benefits of these systems that may persuade you to move forward with a purchase and installation.

Geothermal Heat Pump Benefits

  1. These are the most energy efficient of all HVAC systems. A GHP uses a fraction of the energy that other kinds of heating and cooling systems do. They use the stored energy underground as the source and repository for heat. In general, heat pumps remove heat from the house in the summer and bring it inside in the winter. The difference between a standard air-source heat pump and a geothermal model just involves the medium of heat exchange – air in the first case and the ground in the second. Temperatures underground vary little throughout the year, which explains the superior efficiency of geothermal systems. They’re not dealing with large temperature swings as occurs when heat energy is being extracted from and deposited into the air. A GHP combined with a desuperheater can also heat your home’s water in the summer, or heat a hot tub or a swimming pool.
  2. Yard size does not matter. If you have a small yard, you can still take advantage of a geothermal system by having the underground loop field installed vertically instead of horizontally. Homeowners who don’t want their landscaping disturbed can also choose this type of installation.
  3. A GHP is the most durable of all HVAC equipment. While most HVAC equipment needs replacing every 10 to 20 years, a GHP typically has a longer lifetime. The underground loop field can reach 50 years, while the indoor equipment can reach 25 years with proper maintenance.
  4. These systems run quietly. Because the GHP doesn’t use an outdoor condenser, your yard will be quieter. The indoor components also run quietly. In fact, some homeowners don’t even hear when the system is running.
  5. Federal tax credits exist for GHPs. These systems are so efficient that the federal government offers a 30 percent tax credit for the purchase and installation of qualified systems. There’s no limit on the amount you can deduct for a qualifying GHP, and installation can be for either a primary or secondary home.

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