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Found The Ideal Furnace? 5 Clues


If your old furnace is giving you cues it’s time for an upgrade, use these clues and processes to design the best heating system for your northern Virginia home.

Heating Your Virginia Home

The furnace selection process involves proper system sizing and home preparation to ensure your new system delivers the full heating efficiency (annual fuel utilization efficiency or AFUE) for which it was designed. However, you may have already considered the features and add-ons to maximize home comfort.

The following add-on equipment and system features boost the home-comfort experience and drive performance:

  • Zoning systems save energy by allowing you to heat only the zones occupied at any given time day or night. Why heat the downstairs of your home on a cold winters night when you can heat just the upstairs bedrooms?
  • Wifi thermostats offer control and management of compatible heating and cooling systems from a smartphone or other Wifi-enabled device.
  • Whole-house energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) deliver fresh air and humidity management to your home in any weather. A heat-exchange core transfers heat energy between fresh supply air and discharged stale air, providing cost-effective ventilation.
  • Variable-speed gas valves and blowers of high-efficiency furnaces boost the performance of your new system, delivering up to 98 AFUE (percentage of fuel to home heating conversion), and drive the performance of all these add-on systems.

Five-Step Furnace Selection

Once you’ve got an idea of the type of system features and extra equipment you would like for your home, you can plan your system from the inside out — beginning by shoring up home efficiency. This is a summary of the furnace selection process:

  • Inspect home efficiency properties, and upgrade as needed. Air sealing and insulation are generally good for the life of the home  an excellent and modest investment.
  • Your HVAC professional performs a room-by-room heating load.
  • The air ducts are inspected for compatibility and integrity.
  • Add-on equipment is selected.
  • Your new system is appropriately sized to your home’s heating load, including add-on equipment.

For more information about selecting the right furnace for your Northern Virginia home, please contact HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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