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Energy Star – How Do Products Earn the Label?

The Energy Star isn’t just a fancy label that companies use to market their products. It is earned through rigorous program requirements. Here are the six criteria that a product must meet to qualify for an Energy Star label.

  • Energy savings: The primary goal of broad energy efficiency programs is to conserve our limited energy resources. That is why a product’s contribution to the nation’s overall energy efficiency is an important factor to consider when determining a product’s Energy Star worthiness.
  • Industry-standard performance: Manufacturers cannot cut corners on performance to meet Energy Star efficiency requirements.
  • Efficiency benefits that match or outweigh the initial cost: In many cases, energy-efficient products have a higher price tag than their inefficient counterparts. This is because the companies that produce them have to make a significant research and development and material investment. An Energy Star-qualified product should provide you with all-around benefits. That is why, in order to earn the label, the product must create enough energy savings to offset the initial cost.
  • The ubiquity of the energy-efficient technology: Energy Star-qualified products cannot maintain a monopoly over the technology that makes them energy efficient, because this would undermine consumers’ options.
  • Measurable energy efficiency: Companies cannot arbitrarily make claims about their product’s efficiency and expect to be certified. The product’s energy efficiency must be measurable and tested to prove the company’s claims.
  • Labeling would make the product stand out: Part of the purpose of the Energy Star program is making it clear that the product is energy efficient. This is why a product must be able to prominently display the label.

These standards are constantly evolving, based on changes such as:

  • Technological advancements.
  • Federal-standard updates.
  • Changes in test procedures.
  • Product performance issues.
  • Changes in product availability.

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