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Change Your Ways – Energy Savings That Will Pay Off


While you may think your home is fairly energy efficient, there’s likely plenty of room for improvement. High energy costs impact everyone and increasing your energy savings will help your budget and also is an environmentally friendly choice.

Some summer time energy savings to consider include:

  • Turn up your thermostat. Every degree above 72 degrees F saves between 1 and 3 percent on your energy bill. Ideally aim to keep it around 78 degrees when at home and turned off or at 85 degrees when you’re away from home. Using fans to cool rooms via movement of air will help maintain comfortable temperatures in the home and remove some of the workload from your A/C.
  • Inspect air conditioner filters monthly, and change them when they look dirty. This maintains air flow and keeps your system running efficiently to ensure energy savings.
  • Turning off lights and appliances when not in use saves you around 2 percent in energy costs
  • Set pool filters and cleaning sweeps to run at off peak hours and for no more than four or five hours per day
  • Use the dishwasher; it uses less water than immersing your hands in soapy water. Leaving pots to air dry increases your savings.
  • Keep refrigerators stocked. Your fridge uses less energy to maintain chilly temperatures when it’s full of food.
  • Use microwaves rather than ovens or stoves; you’ll save two-thirds on energy costs.
  • Open windows on cool mornings to benefit from natural ventilation. This will allow you to delay the point at which the A/C kicks on.

Around the home you’ll increase energy savings if you plug all leaks around doors, windows and outlets.

If you’re thinking about buying appliances, always choose Energy Star certified products for maximum savings. This is especially the case if you’re shopping for a new air conditioner. Choose an Energy Star A/C unit and you’ll see savings on energy costs for many years to come.

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