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An Efficient Furnace Should Have an Efficient Home for Peak Performance

Whether it’s concern for the environment or your budget, energy efficiency is on a lot of minds these days. That’s why efficiency is the top priority when it comes to replacing or upgrading an HVAC system. But, your furnace isn’t the only thing that needs to be efficient if you’re trying to save energy. In order to see real savings, you’ll need to make sure the rest of your home is energy efficient, as well.

Start With Your HVAC System

While it’s not the end-all of home efficiency, having an energy efficient furnace and A/C is a huge part of reducing energy consumption. It’s not limited to the furnace and A/C themselves, but also how well you keep the entire system running with regular maintenance, including the ductwork and filters.

Contain Your Home’s Conditioned Air

Insulating your home is beneficial for every season. You won’t have to cool or heat so much air if you don’t lose it in the first place. Start by having your home’s walls, ceiling, attic and basement checked to ensure adequate insulation and get additional insulation installed wherever it’s needed. Track down and seal any air leaks around windows and holes created for pipes and wires. Make sure that doors seal properly when closed, and add weatherstripping if you find any gaps.

Upgrade to Energy Star Appliances

You don’t have to replace everything at once, but as the appliances around your home stop working properly or need replacement, upgrade to more energy efficient models.

Turn Down the Lights

Don’t let the things that you’re not using cost you money! If you’re not watching the TV, turn it off. If you’re not going to be in a particular room for a little while, turn off the lights. Electronics and appliances can use electricity even when they’re off, so use power strips so you can flip the switch off when you’re not using them. Unplug things that aren’t on strips.

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