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Ductless Systems: Types & Mounting Options

Ductless systems offer homeowners multiple options for practical heating and cooling, whether you’re adding or remodeling a living space or perhaps even converting a vacation cottage to year-round use. For a heating and cooling solution that is pleasing to the eye and the budget, take a look at the versatile world of ductless mini-split systems.

Types Of Ductless Systems

Ductless systems are compact heat pumps that use a thin conduit piping system (no ducts required) to connect one outside unit (compressor and condenser) to as many as four indoor air handlers.

Each air handler heats and cools a separate zone with independent temperature control. This gives you the freedom to heat and cool zones as you please, without spending energy dollars to heat other areas. Select models offer advanced air-filtration components (a boon for allergy sufferers) and a dehumidification mode for superior comfort on humid summer days.

Mounting Options

In addition to providing practical heating and cooling solutions for a number of applications, ductless systems offer versatile installation options for distance (over 200 feet from the outdoor unit to each air handler) and aesthetics:

  • High-wall: The most common installation location for the air handler is high on the wall–away from foot traffic.
  • Ceiling cassette: Air-handlers may be installed flush in practically any type of ceiling so that only the grille is visible (like a conventional forced-air system).
  • Mini-duct: Mini-duct installations may be concealed above the ceiling, inside walls or below the floor. They use one air-handler that heats and cools multiple spaces via a short duct run. These are excellent for bedrooms and adjoining bathrooms and/or walk-in closets.
  • Floor console: Air-handlers are available as stand-alone floor consoles. This offers the easiest access to the air filter for periodic cleaning. (Or opt for a self-cleaning air-filtration system).
  • Wall recessed: Space permitting, air-handlers may also be recessed in a wall.

For more information about heating and cooling your Virginia home with a ductless mini-split, contact HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited Heating & Air Conditioning.

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