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Cooling Myths You Can Live Without


As the summer temperatures rise, you’ll want to take different effective steps to keep your cooling costs down. That is a good thing for your pocketbook. However, there are a few myths floating around that may backfire and increase cooling costs or reduce your comfort.

Five Cooling Myths You Should Know About

Myth #1: Turn off the A/C when you’re not home.

The may work on relatively mild summer days, but at the end of a hot day, it will take an A/C a long time to bring the typical home back to a comfortable temperature. Instead, set your programmable thermostat five to 10 degrees higher than your comfort level while you’re gone, with a return to a comfortable temperature before you arrive home. A programmable thermostat can let the house heat up a bit while keeping energy use low.

Myth #2: Run ceiling fans to keep rooms cool when you’re not using them.

Ceiling fans will not cool a room. They make humans occupying the room feel cooler because of air movement across the skin. Running a fan in an unoccupied room is a waste of energy. The cooling effect of a fan is instantaneous, and doesn’t build up in an empty room.

Myth #3: Set the air conditioner thermostat lower than your desired temperature to cool the house faster.

Most A/Cs rate of cooling the house is the same whether you set the thermostat lower or not. You run the risk of bringing the temperature down too low, which wastes energy.

Myth #4: Shut off registers in rooms you do not use.

Your system is going to keep running whether it has an outlet for the air or not. Closing off too many registers can cause the system to cycle on and off more often. It can put additional strain on your system.

Myth #5: Air conditioning is the only option for cooling your home.

If you have a finished basement, it is much cooler than the rest of your home during the summer. Ceiling fans also can keep you feeling cooler without the need to lower your A/C thermostat. When it cools off at night and in the early morning, leave you windows open so you can enjoy natural cooling. Close up the house before it gets hotter outside than it is on the inside.

Avoid these cooling myths and see your energy bills decline as a result. If you want more tips on how to make your home comfortable over the summer without raising your energy bills, please contact us at HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited Heating & Air Conditioning. We are your Fairfax and Alexandria area cooling and heating experts.

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