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When Cool Temps Hit the Fairfax Area, Make Sure Your Ductless Mini Split Performs Well

Ductless mini split systems provide a flexible heating option for homeowners, making it possible to comfortably heat homes that can’t accommodate ducts, new additions, or for a more energy efficient system overall. But just like more traditional heating options, these systems work best when you take care of them.

With the cool winters of the Fairfax area just around the corner, you can take steps now to make sure your system performs at its best through the cold season.

1. Protect the unit from the elements. Winter snow, winds, ice and debris can reduce the overall performance of the mini split system, which, like an air conditioning unit, has an outdoor component that draws air in to heat. Snow in particular can reduce efficiency but so can dirt, weeds and dead leaves.

Consider building a small shelter over the unit to protect it from snow while still allowing air to flow to the unit. Check your unit periodically during the winter as well to clear away debris that gathers around it.

2. Change the filters. Nearly all heating and cooling systems use air filters, and dirty air filters make for inefficient systems. Check the filters on the air handlers monthly during the winter months when you rely most heavily on your ductless mini split system. This will increase air quality, maximize air flow and lower your heating costs.

3. Mount the unit lower to the ground. While you can mount the indoor portion of your system anywhere in a room, you will get more out the system by mounting it approximately 18 inches from the floor. This allows the heated air to mix with cooler air at the floor and then rise to warm up the space.

A lower mount increases the comfort of occupants by not blowing air directly on to them, and allows easier access to clean and change filters.

Ductless mini split heating systems make the cold Fairfax area winters warmer and more comfortable. To learn more about how to maintain your system, contact the experts at HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited today.

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