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Attic Insulation and How It Works to Keep Your Virginia Home Cool in the Summer

Summers in northern Virginia can be hot and sticky, and ensuring your home is cool and comfortable helps you enjoy the summer with friends and family. Having the proper attic insulation level in your home is important to ensuring your home stays cool and comfortable all summer long.

How does attic insulation keep your home cool in the summer?

When the heat of a sunny or cloudy day hits your home, your roof absorbs it. This is called radiated heat. The heat is transferred through the roofing materials and radiated to your attic floor. As a result, your attic fills up with heat, causing your attic temperature to reach as high as 150 degrees.

In the summer, having the right level of insulation in your attic prevents the area’s heat from being pushed down into your home. When your attic doesn’t have the right level of insulation or none at all, it fills up with heat, which then spills down into your home.

Why is it important have the right level of attic insulation in your home?

Not only is it important to have adequate insulation in your attic because it’ll keep heat from being pushed down into your home, but because the right level of attic insulation can:

  • Provide less strain on your air conditioner – When heat is pushed down into your home due to an uninsulated attic, your air conditioner will cycle come on more frequently and work harder. When heat isn’t pushed into your home, your air conditioner won’t come on as much.
  • Decrease your energy bill – When your air conditioner isn’t working hard to keep your home cool, you use less energy. As a result, you lower your energy bill.

Want to know more about attic insulation or how to keep your Virginia home cool in the summer? Contact HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited. We proudly deliver expert HVAC service and installation to homeowners in and around Fairfax, Prince William and Loudon counties.

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