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When Should You Get Maintenance on a Heat Pump?

Your heat pump is like your car. It takes maintenance to keep it in top-condition. If you don’t get yearly maintenance, chances are you’ll have to buy another one in a few years. Don’t let this happen with your heat pump!

However, just getting maintenance any old time isn’t the way to go. When it comes to heating and heat pump maintenance, timing is absolutely key

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When Should I Get Heat Pump Maintenance?

So why is timing such a big deal? Well, we depend on our heat pumps all year. That means they are working day in and day out to keep our homes and businesses comfortable.

And all of that work can take its toll. But you don’t exactly want to shut your system down mid-season and deal with a hot or cold day without while our experts perform professional maintenance. At the same time, your system needs maintenance to maintain energy-efficiency and avoid costly repairs. This is where timing plays an important role.

The Best Times of the Year for Routine Care

As with any other HVAC system, our experts recommend seeking professional maintenance twice a year. Once in the spring, and once in the fall. This way you’re getting service on days you won’t likely need your heat pump operating, as both seasons are relatively mild here in Virginia.

By getting maintenance at these times, you’re sure to have a more efficient, effective system, and far fewer breakdowns during peak seasons when you need your heat pump most!

Other Circumstances that Require Maintenance

Having said all of this, we know nothing is ever perfect. Your system may encounter some situations where you need to seek maintenance or even heat pump repair in Springfield, like:

  • When you’re having air flow issues. The most common cause for air flow problems is dust and debris choking your system. If you’re having mild air flow issues, it’s a good idea to seek maintenance right away. And if the air flow gets bad, it’s time to call in for heat pump repair in Springfield.
  • When your system is showing signs of inefficiency. Energy bills looking a little high? Maintenance should likely solve the issue outright, and if not, our experts will find the cause during our maintenance services and provide the repairs you need!
  • When you haven’t had maintenance in too long. Ideally you’ll always seek maintenance in spring and fall, but sometimes it may slip your mind, or you may just not have the time to schedule. That’s fine! Just be sure to get maintenance as soon as you can, and ideally, avoid going over a year without professional heat pump care.

Heat Pump Repair in Springfield with HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited

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