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WHAT WAS THAT NOISE? Identifying Weird Sounds Inside Your Plumbing

man hearing strange soundsYou never want to hear a zip, pop, or whir (or any other strange noises) coming from your pipes. If you are starting to notice unexplained noises coming from your pipes, it is time to call someone in who can evaluate the situation and fix it before the problem becomes a major one. Small plumbing repairs now will help you avoid large ones later. Here are some things to look for.

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Banging in Pipes

Do you hear banging in your water pipes, especially when you turn the water off? This banging can be caused by one of two different things. The first is called “water hammer”. Water hammer is caused by the pipes expanding a little to accommodate the water going through them. When the water stops, they settle back into place, causing the banging sound.

A second cause of banging pipes is them being loose. When water goes through them, they vibrate. If not fixed, they can jar lose eventually.


A whooshing sound coming from your pipes when you turn water on is often caused by hard water. The water causes sediment to build up in your pipes and the whooshing sound is the water flowing over and through the sediment. If it has gotten to this point, your pipes need flushed to remove sediment.


A constant dripping sound can be annoying. It is even worse when you hear it and can’t find the source. If you hear a constant dripping, it may mean there is a leak in one of the pipes inside a wall. If not corrected, the constant moisture will cause the wall or ceiling to stain and then collapse.

Whistling in the Pipes and Faucets

If you hear a whistling sound, it is usually from your toilet, especially after you have just flushed it. This sound is caused by the valve inside not being correctly placed. This is one of the simplest repairs on the list.


No, you don’t have a bear hiding somewhere in your home. The growls, and sometimes bangs, may be coming from your hot water heater. The way to determine if this is the case, is to take note of when you hear these noises. If they only seem to occur when you are running hot water, then it is time to have your hot water heater serviced.

The Snowball Effect

When you hear any strange noises coming from your pipes, it is important to call for plumbing repairs. With all the pipes being a part of one larger network, there is never cause to say it is just “a little issue”. Plumbing repairs that are put off very often tend to gradually increase in size, and one problem can lead to more. When you have plumbing problems, don’t wait! Call the experts right away!

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