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Common Toilet Problems in Tysons Corner and How to Fix Them

man with plunger and clogged toiletNow, we’ve put in our two cents on DIY plumbing work in the past. Generally, we don’t really endorse it unless you have a lot of previous experience. But at the same time, we must agree that there are certain occasions where some simple plumbing repair might be easier done on your own. Toilet problems in Tysons Corner are a great example, since a lot of homes and businesses are part of the recent development–which means newer toilets. Especially with newer toilets, some of these problems you can handle all on your own.

When you need toilet repair in Tysons Corner, nobody does it better than HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited! Our team carries years of experience, and our certified plumbers have all of the tools and tech needed to ensure your repairs are as quick as they are effective. But which jobs are resident-friendly, and which ones take the know-how of a pro?

Common Tysons Corner Toilet Troubles (and Who Should Handle Them)

A toilet isn’t really a complex plumbing appliance. But even so, it comes with a surprising variety of issues. These are the ones we come across most commonly in Tysons Corner:

  • Partial and phantom flushes. If your toilet just isn’t getting the oomph out of a flush that you’re used to, the most common cause is the flapper (some might call it a stopper). If you wiggle it around and your tank fills normally, it’s probably not fitting properly. Try adjusting the chain or connection, and if that fails just replace the flapper itself. This is an easy job, and you don’t really need an expert to get it done!
  • Toilet clogs. If your toilet isn’t draining properly after a flush, or water is slowly draining from the bowl over time, there’s a solid chance you’re dealing with a clog. Give it a go with a good, solid plunger to see if it is easily dislodged. No luck? Then the clog is either too large, or too far down to plunge. You’ll need an expert for that one.
  • Seal leaks. Have you ever flushed your toilet only to have water come rushing out of the base of it? If so, you’ve got a seal leak. We would strongly recommend an expert for this job. Seals are temperamental, and any error can just make the problem worse.
  • Leaking pipes. This one is probably self-explanatory. Are you spotting water damage (discoloration, wetness, moisture, or mold along the floor or walls) in your bathroom or the adjoining rooms? If so, your sewer pipes are probably damaged, and you’ll need an expert to come and handle the issue.

Can’t Find the Problem? Call for Toilet Repair in Tysons Corner

Not sure what’s up with your toilet, or having a problem not listed above? No problem! Our plumbing experts can diagnose and handle the problem as fast as you please, and our effectiveness and accuracy are guaranteed! When you need toilet repairs in Tysons Corner, you can always depend on HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited. Contact us today to get the answers you need, or to set an appointment!

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