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SmartHome Gadgets That Will Lower Your AC Bill

It’s times like now that our experts are exceptionally happy that the word “innovation” is so powerful in the HVAC industry. Each year industry-leading manufacturers and science teams work hard to bring us better, stronger heating and cooling equipment that provides more comfort for less cost. A win-win if we’ve ever heard one!

HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited is totally dedicated to bringing you the best services and products possible, and in the past decade, there have been a lot of products to choose from! New tech is smart, effective, and honestly just plain cool.

SmartHome Technology that Lowers Your Energy Use

Wi-Fi Thermostats

Out of a long list of awesome products, wifi-tech might be our favorite. Now, we’ve had programmable thermostats on the market for a while, and they’re a huge step up from more archaic “set and forget” models. But wifi thermostats take it a step further, saving up to fifteen percent in energy use!

Wifi provides remote access to your HVAC system and thermostat by way of a PC or smartphone app, and allows for a very wide range of customization and programming, not to mention access to tons of feedback and date regarding your energy use. Scheduling interfaces, smart time-of-day programming, alerts, and endless information are all available, and the result is a much more energy-streamlined system.

Ductless Systems

The concept of ductless heating and cooling isn’t exactly new; the tech was introduced in the 70s. But in the past decade or so the technology has been perfected, and now ductless installation offers superior air conditioning at a much lower energy use.

The secret? Zoning technology. With zoning, you heat only the rooms you want to heat, and cool only the rooms you want cool, controlling each room with an independent thermostat. The savings are huge, and more and more Virginia homes are turning to ductless for their solution.

  • Humidity control solutions. When the humidity level in your home gets too high, not only can it be uncomfortable, but it can be detrimental to your HVAC system as well. High humidity bogs your system, making it harder for it to do its job, and thus costing you more energy. Dehumidifiers have gotten really strong, and really smart in recent years!
  • Smart blinds. Wondering how blinds might save you on HVAC costs? The sun puts a lot of heat into our homes, which is sometimes desirable, and sometimes not. If you’re trying to stay cool in the summer, these blinds automatically close at peak sun exposure, and open back up when you might need a little sun warmth in the winter.

Smart Home Solutions with HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited

This is really just the tip of the iceberg; there is a ton of cool tech out there today! And if you’re looking to get awesome programmable thermostat products and other installations in Virginia, the team at HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited is ready to provide. Contact our experts today to get the service and quality you deserve!

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