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How to Increase AC Efficiency This Summer

The heat is thankfully taking its time getting here this year, but it won’t be long now before your air conditioner is all that stands between you and the stifling sun. But it’s not the efficacy of your cooling system you’re dreading, is it? It’s those utility costs! Looking for ways to max comfort while also keeping efficiency up? HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited can help out!

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What Is Efficiency?

It’s a word that gets tossed around regarding cooling systems a lot, but what does the word really mean? Well, it can mean how much your system costs to operate. But it can also refer to how good of a job it does in cooling your home. The two are intrinsically linked, in fact, and play off of each other—hence the use of the word “efficiency” as a cover for both.

In essence efficiency means how much energy your system needs to get its job done, and higher efficiency means both how much cooling you’re getting, and how much you’re paying out to get it. So it’s pretty important as you might expect, and maxing it out is a priority.

How to Increase HVAC Efficiency

Short of buying a new, upgraded cooling system (which we both say in jest, and as a realistic option) there are actually quite a few ways to give efficiency a boost, including:

  • Changing your air filter. Changing your filter every month or two is a low-cost, quick way to really promote excellent efficiency. Doing so on a routine basis will ensure your costs stay lower, your comfort remains higher, and will even help tame air quality problems!
  • Cleaning your outdoor unit. The outdoor unit is where thermal transfer occurs—basically it’s where your air conditioner dumps all of the heat it extracts from your home. A clean outdoor unit, free of grass and dust does it’s job more effectively, and thus promotes comfort while reducing the energy your system needs to expend in order to do its job.
  • Upgrading your thermostat. Heard much about programmable thermostats? These handy smarthome tools can help you optimize how your HVAC operates, streamlining the process, and carefully making adjustments that are meant to help you mitigate costs while also keeping you more comfortable overall. Smarthome, indeed!
  • Scheduling HVAC maintenance. Professional tune-up services are to your cooling system what a tune-up is for your car. Professional service improves efficiency and effectiveness, promotes a healthier, longer lived system, and reduces the risks of a breakdown. All vital, and all critical to heightened AC efficiency.

Professional Air Conditioner Maintenance in Fairfax

Ideally, you should be sure to set a date for maintenance and tune-up services twice a year; once in the fall for heating, and once in the spring for cooling. Did you miss scheduling your cooling system service this year? If so, it’s not too late! Contact HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited today and our experts will ensure you get the best in efficiency from your cooling system this season.

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