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Making Your HVAC System Environmentally-Friendly in Fairfax County

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Modern surveys of worldwide science says that 97 percent of scientists agree that global warming is a thing. Specifically they agree that average temperatures have risen in the past century. Where that increase comes from is still a little divisive, but from that 97 a staggering 84 percent agree that the increase is due to human sources. That’s a huge deal!

But whether you take much stock in this yourself is your decision to make. But being environmentally-friendly can never hurt! Besides, many things that reduce your carbon footprint can also lower your energy consumption. Hooray for convenient savings!

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Being Environmentally-Friendly with HVAC Services in Fairfax

Ready to save on energy use, both to your benefit and to the benefit of our future? Good! The ways are many; some small, some large, but all good. You can make your HVAC system more environmentally-friendly by:

  • Shopping ENERGYSTAR®. These products are more than just good indications of SEER ratings. Products rated by ENERGYSTAR are supremely energy-efficient, providing you with more cooling at less cost, and at less expense to our environment.
  • Change your air filters. We tell our patrons this all the time. It reduces risks of repair and breakdowns, and increases efficiency. It’s the efficiency part we’re interested in for this particular subject, as efficiency directly correlates to reduced consumption and thus a lower carbon footprint.
  • Stop duct air leaks. Once again, maximizing efficiency. Losing your temperature-controlled air through leaky ducts makes your uncomfortable, and makes your system work way harder than it needs to.
  • Help eliminate R-22. The refrigerant commonly (though incorrectly) known as “Freon”, R-22 has been going through a phase out since 2010. The compound has demonstrated severe damage to the ozone layer, and if your system is ten years old, it still uses it! Modern systems have moved to the much safer R-410a. Yet another good case for air conditioner installation!
  • Get routine maintenance. There are tons of good decisions to make that improve efficiency. We’ve talked about a few already, and we mention them all the time in our blog. But absolutely nothing improves efficiency like professional maintenance! You should be getting it twice a year; once in spring, and once in the fall for your air conditioner and heating system respectively.

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