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How To Spot a Leaking Shower

plumber with wrench taking apart a drain pipe in a homeIf you’ve ever been knee-deep in water in the bathroom, you know plumbing leaks can be costly. A leaking shower increases water bills as wasted water pours through the leak, and the damage done to the surrounding areas of the leak can be costly to fix. It’s best to avoid any of this by spotting a leaking shower early.

You’ll avoid costly repairs to drywall, ceilings, studs in the walls and the foundation by having your leaks fixed as soon as possible. An investment now to fix your plumbing will pay off down the road with lower water bills, and avoid more serious damage to your home.

Keep reading for tips on checking for leaks in your shower, and let us know if you need any plumbing repairs!

Check Your Shower Pan

The pan is the base of the shower area. Any mold, mildew or moisture that’s visible to your eye on the surrounding areas of your shower could mean water pooling under the shower pan. A leaky faucet pipe could be causing water to run underneath the pan, and spread to these surrounding areas.

To check for leaks easily, block the drain, and run the water until the shower pan is filled. Then, look around the base, at the floor and walls, to see if moisture is appearing. If there are rugs, pull them up and look underneath. Go into the basement or crawlspace below the shower, to check if water is leaking anywhere you can see.

If you see water, and your shower pan has no cracks, the leak is coming from the shower pipes. If you don’t, the leaking shower could be from when the water is going out, not coming in.

Check Your Shower Drain

If you see no leaks with the previous test, which checked incoming water, it could be a leak in the outgoing drain pipe of the shower.

The easiest way to test is to put a bucket under the bend in the u-pipe of the shower pipe. You can access this pipe from a basement or crawlspace. Check if the bucket catches anything when you open the drain, and the water is flowing out of the pan.

If you can’t access any of these pipes, it’s recommended you call a plumbing contractor like HVAC Unlimited. A professional can carefully expose hidden plumbing pipes, with a minimum amount of demolition.

Check Your Water Diverter

It’s important to do a check once the water diverter is pulled. A diverter is the piece you pull to change the water flow to the shower head.

Run the water and engage the diverter. Now, go and check the floor and the areas around the shower pipes in the basement or crawlspace, to see if leaks are revealed. If you see water, this would indicate a leak at the shower head, as the water only appears when the shower head is in use.

In most cases, professionals trained and ready to find the answers you need are necessary. For top quality skill and service, contact HVAC Unlimited today. The certified plumbing experts at HVAC Unlimited are prepared to provide the solutions you need. You can reach us online any time, any day.

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