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How to Minimize Dust In Your Northern VA Home

The statement “I hate dust” is probably about as contentious as saying the sun is going to rise tomorrow. We all hate it. It clogs up your HVAC unit, it makes the house smell musty, and, worst of all, it’s so hard to get rid of. Looking for ways to minimize dust and maximize clean, healthy air in your Northern Virginia home?

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Minimizing Dust in Your Northern Virginia Home

When it comes to dealing with dust in a way that will actually make it stay gone, there are two lines to discuss. Cleaning it, and mitigating it completely.

Cleaning Up Dust

Cleaning dust sure doesn’t seem hard, but it feels like no matter how many times you dust, it just keeps coming back. Next time you go for a cleaning, do these:

  • Use moisture. An important thing to remember is that dust is light and dry. Much like the feathers on that duster you’re trying to use. Cleaning up dust without moisture basically amounts to just pushing it back into the air, where it will again find a place to settle in a minute or two. Make use of absorbent cotton cloths and a dusting solution, “green” or otherwise to really make the dust stick.
  • Take care of the carpets. Honestly speaking, carpets are really just a big old magnet for dust and debris. In a perfectly clean home, they probably wouldn’t exist at all. But at the same time, they’re pretty, and useful, so be sure to clean them of dust on a routine basis. We’d recommend vacuuming twice a week, and shampooing the carpets every one or two months for the best results.
  • Air out fabrics. As with the carpets, so too the window treatments and bedding. Fabrics eat up and harbor loads of dust and dander, as well as odors. Clean them frequently!

Removing & Minimizing Dust

Cleaning dust is all well and good, but how about just eliminating it entirely? Here are the best ways to remove dust from your home completely (or as close to completely as is conventionally possible):

  • Get HVAC maintenance. You knew we’d throw this in somewhere! But speaking seriously, your HVAC system, from the ducts to the electronics, harbors absolute loads of dust. And through its routine workings much of that dust is going to get blown around in your home, choking up everything and getting your clean home all messy. To remove it, be sure you schedule routine maintenance!
  • Change your air filter frequently. It protects your HVAC system, and it protects you and your home, too. A clean, high MERV air filter that gets changed every two-three months will keep loads of dust out of your home’s circulated air.
  • Invest in air filtration. IAQ (indoor air quality) products and services have become big business in recent years—and it’s not for the novelty. The air in your home is subject to all of the things that the outside air is, dust, pollen, mold spore, and even more, and a good, dependable air filtration system can pay you back huge in improved overall health and home cleanliness.

Schedule Your Spring HVAC Maintenance in Northern Virginia!

The coming season sure is a pretty time of the year, but it’s rife with dust and dander. Give our experts a call for superior, top-class AC maintenance that will keep your home and air as clean as it can be! You can set your appointment by calling (703) 493-1200, or contacting us online today.

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