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Is It Okay that My Heat Pump Is Blowing Cool Air?

Outside of the obvious “you had it set to cool on accident” situation, a heat pump should never really be blowing cool air during the winter months. If you’re having this problem, then you’re probably a little confused, maybe a bit angry—and come a month from now, you’ll be chilly, too! Thankfully, you have HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited to look to for all of your heat pump problems, and today we’re here to shed some light on this surprisingly common issue.

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Why Is Cool Air Coming from My Heat Pump?

It’s fall now, and winter is soon to follow. The odds are pretty high that you’ve given your heat pump a test run at the very least. Feeling, much to your dismay, cool air instead of warm? Well, then you’ve certainly got an issue on your hands. However, it’s not actually a rare or particularly distressing one once you know what you’re looking for. Some reasons that cool air is coming from your heat pump include:

  • You’re new to heat pumps – First off, it bears mentioning that if you’re new to heat pumps and previously relied on a furnace, there might be no problem at all. These two systems operate very differently overall. Furnaces generate large amounts of heat all at once to warm your home, while a heat pump puts out a comparatively much cooler (roughly 130 degrees for the furnace, 90 for the heat pump) air temperature that strives to warm your home thoroughly over time.
  • Your reversing valve has failed – The reversing valve is the component that is responsible for swapping your system over from heating to cooling and vice versa. If the valve is damaged, worn out, or simply stuck, the system will not swap over. Time to call in for heat pump repair!
  • The unit is frozen – Whether it’s completely frozen or just temporarily, heat pumps have a defrost mode that can run infrequently in order to keep the system free of ice on cold days. This defrost should run no more than an hour, however, so if the issue is persisting then you might want to go check on the outdoor unit. See some ice? Time to manually defrost!
  • The system needs to be serviced – Heat pumps that operate at lower efficiencies due to lack of heat pump maintenance can begin building up lots of debris and other mess that restricts air flow. When this happens, it can both mess up thermal exchange and cause freezing due to pressure changes. Both of these situations will lead to your heat pump blowing cool air.

Heat Pump Services in Northern VA

Don’t let your heat pump fall behind on your needs this season. With winters that get down in the 30s on a routine basis, you need your system at its best at all times. Call on the service experts at HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited when yours is blowing cold air, and we’ll be on the way and ready with a solution in no time!

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