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End of Season Furnace Maintenance Checklist

Feel that? There’s still a nip in the air for sure, but you can feel the barest whisper of spring starting to edge into the wind. Soon enough it’s going to be time to retire your furnace for a while and let your air conditioner take up the fight. But before you settle the furnace in for a long period of rest, there are some things you should be sure to get done. Follow along while the experts at HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited walk you through a quick and easy end of season checklist!

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Why Do End of Season Maintenance?

It’s honestly a bit of this and a bit of that. The main goal is to ensure your system is ready and capable the next time you need it, but it’s also about just getting some things done and off of the list. That way, when the next cold spell rolls around you’ll know you’ve done all you need to in advance. Peace of mind is a great thing, and end of season maintenance is the best way to get it.

Your Guide to End of Season Furnace Maintenance

So, what needs to get done before you put your furnace to (temporary) rest? Well, it’s all actually pretty straightforward and simple, so no worries about a big time investment here! Start by…

  • Changing your air filter. This is always at the top of our lists for a reason. It’s one of the quickest and easiest things you can do, and it has a huge impact on the health and performance of your system. By swapping filters now, you ensure it isn’t missed when next fall rolls around, and you prevent the old, dusty filter from gunking up your system while it rests.
  • Clearing any dust or debris. Sweeping and dusting around your HVAC system in general prevents fire hazards, and reduces the amount of junk that ends up in your filter and ducts. This should actually be done routinely, every month or two, all throughout the year.
  • Caring for your outdoor unit. Go ahead and get any twigs and dirt off of the outdoor unit to ensure it’s clean and clear for the next time you use it. If you use a central system, the odds are good that you’re going to be needing working at its best anyway.
  • Performing a visual inspection. Don’t go rooting around in the parts and electronics, but do take a look over your system for signs of damage or distress. Loose connections, cracks, things out of place—you don’t want these lurking around all year, only to find out during the next cold night that there’s a serious problem with your heating system.
  • Scheduling maintenance service. Spring is well on its way, and things are going to heat up quick. If you haven’t already, this is the best time to set up a date for your air conditioner maintenance, and getting a check on your furnace before it sleeps is a pretty wise move, too!

Furnace Service & HVAC Maintenance in Fairfax, VA

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