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5 Foolproof Ways to Conserve Water in Arlington This Summer

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In the midst of an Arlington summer, most homeowners are highly aware of the amount of energy being used in the home. With your air conditioner pumping out the comfort you need, and outdoor activities eating up additional energy in lighting, we’re all looking for ways to minimize usage and increase efficiency. Which is great! But all of this focus might be making you lose sight of yet another high-cost, high-use resource.

At HVAC Unlimited, we always want to bring our consumers quality. Quality in products, in services, and in information. Are you using up loads of water in your home this year? We’ve got five tips to keep your water usage down!

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5 Ways to Lower Water Consumption in Arlington

Optimizing your water conservation habits means small changes of all kinds. The goal is to stack up a lot of little things to equal out to one big outcome. The difference can be huge!

  • Fix leaks. Seems straightforward, but many homeowners ignore small drips, or might not even know they have a leak at all. Even a small leak of any kind can increase your monthly use by gallons, adding on plenty of unnecessary dollars to your bill. If you suspect or see any leaks, immediately go for plumbing repair in Arlington!
  • Optimize dishwasher use. Always be sure to wash dishes when your dishwasher is actually full! Half loads are a very common waste of water in many homes. If you find that filling your washer takes a few days, be sure to rinse dishes to avoid dried food particles. Fun fact, dishwashers use half of the water it takes to do dishes by hand. Yay!
  • Seek out optimized appliances. There are lots of cool tools like fancy shower heads that minimize water use. But the biggest suggestion we can provide? Low-flow toilets! Toilets dump huge amounts of water with each flush, and if you’re using an older toilet, you might as well be flushing dollars down the toilet as well.
  • Insulate your pipes. Does your water take a while to heat up? If so, you might consider a new water heater. But failing that, insulating your pipes with foam insulation or hot strips can reduce the amount of time you stand around waiting for your shower to heat up.
  • Shower instead of bathing. Speaking of showers, your average one uses considerably less water than a full-on bath. If you love a bath for relaxing, that’s awesome, but by choosing to make most of your cleaning sessions a shower, you stand to save a ton on water.

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