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DIY Plumbing Installations You Shouldn’t Attempt

Are you a big fan of Do-It-Yourself solutions? If so, the experts at HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited are right there with you. There’s a lot of gratification to be had in taking care of your home with your very own hands, whether building something new or improving something old. But before the home improvement zeal takes over next time you experience a plumbing issue in your home, we would urge you to consider the following.

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DIY Plumbing: When Is It Too Much to Handle Alone?

We’ll assume you understand your limits and skillset to a degree. If you’ve spent some time around simple plumbing and understand the basics, you’re likely good to go on basic installations like a shower head (especially since they generally just screw on!). But when is DIY a terrible idea?

  • Jobs you’re unfamiliar with. There’s a time and a place for learning, but a first-time plumbing procedure isn’t one of them! If you’re unfamiliar with the specifics of your plumbing, you stand a great risk for doing more harm than good. A botched plumbing job can cost you the price of the initial job, as well as repair and replacement, which can run you a prettier penny than you wanted to trade!
  • Jobs that are potentially dangerous. Jobs that involve working with pressure, temperature swings, flammable materials and chemicals should be left to a professional. you may notice that many jobs involve these. There’s a reason professional plumbers go through so much training, and safety is a huge part of it.
  • Jobs that involve sewer lines. These can pose health hazards, and additionally are monumentally expensive to correct if something goes awry. Anything involving a clog, poor drainage or a leak should be handled by a pro.
  • Potentially high-stress jobs. Any job can be high stress, but what we mean specifically are jobs that involve tight spaces, loud noises and risks of personal harm. It may not seem like a big deal going into it, but we can tell you from experience that the stress beings to mount fast. Once you’re panicking, you stand to do a lot of damage to yourself and to your home!

Now, we’re not trying to discourage learning, and we’re not trying to slap anyone on the wrist. There are great opportunities to learn, grow and improve your skillset. It’s just best to go about it in a safe, practical environment. We want to promote healthy learning, not expose our patrons to unnecessary personal and property harm!

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