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DIY Furnace Maintenance Tips

Keeping your furnace in Fairfax at its peak condition is the key to reduced energy costs and a much lower risk of costly repairs. And to achieve this, nothing is more critical than pursuing professional maintenance. But did you know that there are some tasks you can be doing on your own, too?

At HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited, our team is dedicated to providing you with the best services and solutions in the industry. Ready to learn a bit about DIY furnace maintenance? Because we’re ready to teach!

Routine Homeowner Furnace Maintenance Tips

When it comes to DIY furnace care, it’s mostly all about preparation and upkeep. Be sure to take care of these tasks and you’ll be enjoying strong, high-quality heat all season long!

  • Clean and clear. The area around your indoor unit can get positively choked with caked-on dust and lots of loose debris. And left alone, odds are good that all of that mess will wind up in your furnace! This can harm effective air flow, reducing overall comfort and increasing your risk of a costly system breakdown. Not to mention loose dust near a furnace presents a fire hazard. Sweep and dust around your furnace regularly both before and during the cooler seasons!
  • Replace your air filter. Making sure your filter gets replaced routinely is the single most important thing you can do for your furnace. The air filter is responsible in some small part for the air quality in your home, which is an important point. But the bigger issue here is a clogged filter will drastically reduce your furnace’s ability to heat your home. Not only that, but a dusty, crusty filter will increase energy costs appreciably. For the best results, be sure to replace your filter once at the top of the season, and then once every two months.
  • Check vents. Floor vents are a magnet for dust, gunk, and other small problems. Before you kick on the furnace this year, be sure to clear them of all of this mess. You’ll be breathing easier this winter if you do, guaranteed!
  • Inspect outdoor unit. Your outdoor unit can get jammed up with grass blades and leaves left over from summer. Be sure to clear it with a stiff brush to improve the air flow of your furnace.
  • Schedule professional maintenance. All of the above items are critically important, and together can account for some serious energy savings and comfort returns. But professional HVAC maintenance beats them in importance by orders of magnitude. HVAC specialists have the tools to optimize your system with a tune-up, clear it of dust and grime, and ensure all components in your system are well cared for and ready to go to work for you.

Schedule Furnace Maintenance in Northern VA

Why choose us?

  • We use technicians trained in the latest techniques. Major repairs can be costly, so you want to find someone you can trust.
  • We will give you an honest appraisal and always try to find the least expensive method to fix your problem.
  • We give priority to those whose air conditioners or heat pumps have failed and are without cool air.
  • We are well connected with all local and regional HVAC distributors and can use this network to find parts quickly.

It can be miserable to be without heating and cooling, so we do our best to keep your furnace up and running all season long. Contact us today for heating service in Northern Virginia!

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